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As per the Swimming Bay of Plenty Constitution the board of  consists of six members.  Swim BOP Board members are elected at the AGM, the board also has the power to fill casual vacancies. Board members do not have to be members of a member club. The Board Chair and Deputy Chair are elected at the first board meeting following the AGM. Board members can serve a maximum of three terms and two Board Members must retire annually.

A term of office is  3 years unless otherwise agreed.

The 2019/20 Board is

Bronwen Radford
Term Expires October 2021  currently serving 3nd term
Darrin Walsh Term Expires October 2020  currently serving 2nd term
David Pearce Term Expires October 2022 Currently serving   1st term
Dennis Curtis Appointed Member. Term Expires October 2020
Renee Kelly Term Expires October 2022 Currently serving 2nd  term
Dallas Couvee Term Expires October 2021 Currently serving 1st  Term


The role and responsibility of the Board is to act in the best interests of Swimming BOP and to provide good governance to Swimming BOP including through the following:

a.            procuring the implementation of the SNZ Whole of Sport Plan in the Swimming BOP Region. 

b.            monitoring and reviewing performance against the SNZ Whole of Sport Plan;

c.            monitoring and reviewing performance against the annual business plan and budget;

d.            addressing the ongoing viability and sustainability of Swimming BOP;

e.            monitoring regulatory compliance for Swimming BOP;

f.            establishing, reviewing, and monitoring policies to guide and govern Swimming BOP;

g.          fostering interaction and communication across and within Swimming BOP, Regional Associations  and Member Clubs and with Swimming BOP Associates;

h.           adopting and communicating a continual best practice performance culture;

i.            receiving annual KPIs and being accountable to Swimming NZ for achievement of them; and preparing an annual report and procuring an annual statement of accounts